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✓ Compatible with any desk or table surface
✓ Handcrafted from 15-ply Premium Walnut Hardwood & Space Grade 2024-T3® Aluminium
✓ Increases the usable space on your desk by 30%
✓ Reversible Desk shelf storage
✓ Industry Leading Life Time Raico Warranty

Size: Full Length | 45.7 Inches


Colour: Black
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Monitor Stand Specification

Our functional black desk shelf for monitor stand is a must-have for any modern workspace. Inspired by the classic Grovemade design, it features an updated side shelf for extra space and durable wooden legs. The aluminium desk shelf is lined with soft merino wool to protect your gadgets from scratches, making it the perfect addition to upgrade your desk setup.


- Medium [36 x 9 x 4.4] inches
- Large [45.7 x 9 x 4.4] inches


- Satin Black Powder Coated 15-Ply Premium Walnut Hardwood Plywood
- Industrial Grade 2024-T3® Aluminium
- Natural Smooth Cork
- Merino Wool


- Max Weight Load: 220 lb

desk shelf for monitor stand is handcrafted from premium materials for a sleek, stylish design. Features include 15-ply premium walnut hardwood, industrial grade aluminum shelf with soft merino wool lining, and natural cork padding on the legs. Protect your tablets, laptops, and desk with this high-quality addition to your workspace

Crafted using carefully selected premium tactile materials.

Everything Has Its Place

Our Desk Shelf adds clarity and purpose to your workspace by reducing clutter and serving as a central home base for your frequently used items

Desk Shelf | Black - Raico Store

Spend more time creating

Reduce the time you spend digging through a cluttered drawer to find things. Raico Desk Shelf System  keeps your essentials close at hand.

all black minimal desk setup with raico desk shelf system creates a organised desk space using leather desk mat that fits in perfectly under the shelf making Raico a perfect grovemade alternative

Designed for your best work 

Spend you valuable time doing more productive work without disrupting your Flo State and let the desk shelf keep everything you need neatly in place

Unparalleled Value

We've eliminated traditional brand and retail markups, which means you pay up to 50% less for the exact same quality.

We rigorously test every product to ensure it meets or exceeds the quality of leading brands. If it doesn't, we won't sell it.

desk shelf for monitor stand in walnut and black wood , grovemade also in medium size


This product is crafted from natural materials, and there may be variations in colour and wood grain. To further enhance the beauty of natural wood the shelf is hand-sanded and sealed with a clear danish oil.

Assembly is quick and easy, taking less than a minute.
A standard Phillips or Flat head screwdriver is required
to secure the legs in place.

Built to Last Generations

You've probably noticed that we have a carefully curated selection of raw materials. We believe these are the best materials out there for our designs. Walnut and oak have have a naturally beautiful grain and both of them have proven to be strong and durable hardwoods, ensuring that our pieces will last a long time.

We also tend to favour steel, aluminium, and leather for their durability and clean aesthetic.

We believe in the quality our craftsmanship so much that, the majority of our products are covered by our Industry-leading Lifetime Structural Warranty.

dual monitor stand handmade grovemade alternative desk shelf wooden screen desk organiser monitor shelf

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Célian Ramis (France)
Very nice wood

Very good stuff. Good making and good looking.

Wilson Sit (United Kingdom)
Excellent High End Desk Shelf

High end product - very happy and loved how it looks on my desk. As described and pictured in product photos and videos - packaged well so was fine despite a couple of knocks during transit

Gavin James (United Kingdom)
Excellent Desk Shelf!!

I am so pleased with my desk shelf... I went with the medium size due to the size of my desk but when I move house and I upgrade to a larger size then I will be coming back to Raico for the large size desk. Next I'll be looking to purchase the desk tray soon so I can maintain the neat and tidyness.

Thanks so much Raico... a brilliant UK alternative to Grovemade!!

Georg Steiner (Austria)
High Quality Desk Shelf

Great looking shelf, the walnut veneer is beautiful and the workmanship of the shelf is very good. Great addition to the desk, makes it look much cleaner and more elegant!
The feet are well made with the small caveat that the fasteners can be visible from the front. The aluminum shelf is strong, the felt cover is nice and smooth, the edges are a little sharp though so I smoothed the front edge it with a file.
I am very happy with this addition to my home office

Alexandro Sanchez (Spain)
Stylish upgrade to my desk

Just received my walnut desk shelf, and wow, total upgrade for my setup! The walnut hardwood is top-notch and gives my workspace that premium feel without trying too hard. Plus, the aluminium elements are sleek and super solid. I've got way more room on my desk now. Cork feet are a nice touch.

Love the reversible storage option, too. Very handy. And it holds a ton of weight from my dual monitor setup without issues. Definitely a solid buy!

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